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We assisted a democratic country in restructuring their intelligence activities, thus significantly improving their security situation and geopolitical independence. We also provided them with a series of highly operational training programs that utilized realistic intelligence scenarios within the current day rapidly evolving geopolitical landscape.

Restructuring an Intelligence Service

Security Sector Reform

For an acquisition in the energy sector, Birdwatcher Group investigated a buyer’s connections to individuals and institutions on sanctions lists. In addition, we conducted due diligence on other parties in the energy market to identify possibly problematic connections or potential sanctions evasion.

Sanctions Compliance Investigation


We provided long-term assistance to a client, enabling them to gain a comprehensive understanding of cyberattacks being conducted by a certain country. By analyzing their attack methods, aligning these with our extensive knowledge of that country, and bringing an intelligence mindset into the investigation, we generated actionable intelligence reports that could be effectively utilized.

Providing Empowering Cybersecurity Insights

Technical Intelligence Solutions

We provided the EU with extensive training on Security Sector Reform. For this training we were required to operate in a conflict area, yet despite these circumstances we successfully delivered the training, and positively impacted the participants so they in turn could contribute strongly towards the resilience of their country.

Resilience-Building Training

Security Sector Reform

We assisted a Dutch defense company with an in-depth investigation in a region that was challenging for them to operate in. While the focus was on business intelligence, all aspects of geopolitical vulnerabilities eventually came into play.

Geopolitical Business Intelligence Support


We regularly provide training programs to national and international institutions in the field of disinformation, active measures, counterintelligence, tradecraft, humint/undercover work and other intelligence and espionage activities.

Various trainings


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